$577.00 USD

The Inner Work Fertility Course

Are you struggling to conceive?

Have you tried almost everything?

Have you wondered if perhaps something is holding you back?

What you'll get:

  • 5 content modules on how to do the inner work linked to fertility
  • 5 guided meditations
  • Access to the live community - live calls and online community
  • On course completion a 1-on-1 coaching call with Kelly

Navigate your inner world and learn to release anything that may be a role player in your INFERTILITY, with the support of a community of women doing the same thing.

What People Are Saying:

Inner work lead Tarryn to.. Admitting I had held the role of 'parent' to my whole family, my whole life and needed to consciously let this go to make space for a baby I realised that I thought of my uterus as a tightly chained, suffocated organ carrying the weight of parenting. In essence, it was the release of this burden or weight I was subconsciously carrying around, that I truly believe was stopping me from being able to conceive (unconsciously)- after all, how was I going to manage parenting my baby if I was so busy parenting everyone else? Tarryn's little boy is now nearly 1 year old


Inner work lead Maria to... Realising that after 2 miscarriages and desperately yearning for a baby for years, I was shocked to find my fear lying in the 'motherhood' quadrant during a simple exercise in our course. I realised that every now and then during a month of trying to conceive I would find myself relieved for a moment to not be pregnant - never more than a moment but it was there. When I knew this, Kelly equipped me with the tools to release this fear. 3 months after completing the Inner Work Fertility course, I was pregnant.