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Navigating the inner world of infertility and getting to your baby...

Are you a frustrated, high-achieving woman who has tried everything to conceive?

Does there seem to be no physical reason as to why you cannot conceive?

Are you open to looking at your infertility from the inside out? 

Could this be what you need to get to your baby?

Do you have a Fertility Block?

3 areas of Fertility,

 not addressed by the 'Fertility Industry'

Uncovering potential emotional blocks

Addressing negative subconscious programming

Creating a spiritual or intuitive connection with your baby

Kelly Lynch - Fertility Coach

This is my story.

There was nothing physically wrong with Alan nor me.
3 years.
Not even one positive pregnancy test.

I had a perfect 28 day cycle.
Alan’s sperm swam.
I was ovulating and this could be seen on scans and sticks.
Neither of us had any comorbidities.
Hormone levels were ok, not sure anyone has perfect hormones.
We did the deed at the right time of the month, functional, robotic and timely sex.

Frustration from not getting the outcome we wanted despite nothing being wrong.
‘If I studied for the exam how can I not pass!!!???
‘I’ve never failed at anything I had actually tried at!’

Is it better to know the why?

There is no better or worse with infertility. It’s all shit.

But one day, during a yoga class I realised that I needed help. I needed help because there was something holding me back but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

When I admitted my fear of becoming a mom and why I held that fear, everything changed.


Watch my Masterclass?

Free Inner Work Fertility Masterclass.


'And through my own journey, the desire to help other women address ALL the aspects of their fertility was born.'

Inner Work Fertility Course

A digital course designed for frustrated, high-achieving women battling infertility who are at the point in their journey where they are wondering, "Is there something blocking this process?"

The course contains 5 modules - each containing tool to navigate the inner world (specifically linked to fertility) and guided meditations.

What does the Course contain?

An Online Community of women at the same point in their journeys

While working through the Inner Work Fertility Course, you get free access to a Live Zoom call once a month with Kelly and all the other women out there doing this work.

A safe and supportive space is created on both the Live Zoom calls and the Private Facebook page as you navigate your inner world and get to your baby sooner!

Lifetime membership to all doing this work.


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1-on-1 Coaching Session

Once you complete the Inner Work Fertility Course, you will have access to a live 1-on-1 session with Kelly, to spearhead your unique process even more. She will help you get even deeper and discover your unique emotional blocks, how you are reprogramming your mind and really get to the root of your unique story. This session is POWERFUL. 

Let's Connect

Hi! I'm Kelly and I'm a Fertility Coach.

After working as a Dietician and Life Coach in the Women's Health space for many years, the universe sent me a 3 year Infertility Journey. It was & still is the hardest challenge life has dealt me. I am now called to share how I finally became a mother to my 2 little girls, Selah & Izzy.

More about me

Do you want to look inwards and perhaps get to your baby quicker?