Kirsty, Turkey 

Where to even start, Kelly has been through it all with me. IVF cycle, failed embryo transfer, natural pregnancy, miscarriage, another failed IVF cycle, more grief and heartache and then getting back into loving life and living life.

Starting her inner work course ı at the beginning of this year was light at the end of the never ending tunnel. After trying multiple things and constantly getting the same result I knew something had to change. I didn’t realise that I was the one potentially blocking myself from my baby. My limiting beliefs were so big and so real. And jumping head first into the course brought so much up that I didn’t even know existed.

Doing Kelly’s course helped me get out of my head and overcome some of the limiting beliefs that had taken over my life and dictated a narrative that just wasn’t true.
Bringing back hope and excitement of one day knowing deep down that our babies will come and letting go and surrendering to the process. Starting to enjoy the journey and bumps along the road instead of hiding away from them and being a shell of a person I can truly say that life has never been better. And even though I don’t know when or how our baby will come, that I just know it will and Kelly will be there to hold my hand and guide me through not only as a friend but as a mentor has been one of the greatest gifts so far. Kelly Thank you for opening my mind and heart in more ways than I can ever explain, you’ve changed my thoughts, my daily narrative and how I see and experience the world around me.

Love you 

Samantha, Cape Town

I had followed Kelly on instagram for years from her dietician days even through my first pregnancy where we didn’t have any challenges falling pregnant. When we started trying for a second baby after a chemical pregnancy, and it just was not happening despite seeing a whole host of specialists having acupuncture etc, I decided I had nothing to lose and contacted Kelly. From our first session together I knew that we were meant to work together, Kelly gave me so much hope, we had two sessions and Kel was going away for a few weeks I remember she joked that I would be pregnant by the time she came back. After 3 sessions with Kel I was pregnant! I still remember in my two week wait Kel randomly voice noted me one morning and said she just wanted to say that she had a really good feeling about my journey that morning, it made me feel so happy, later turned out that would have been the day implantation happened. Kel has a special gift and I have continued to see her throughout my pregnancy. I would recommend her to anyone she will change your life.

Vasti, Johannesburg

Having the privilege of being able to dig deep and find what could potentially be a block by doing this course has been life changing. Kelly is there every step of the way and as for the meditations- I connected on another level. I urge anyone going through their fertility journey to unlock what this course offers. You can only gain  and take that one step closer to your blessing.

Kayley, Sweden

I reached out when I was at my lowest low. We had been trying to get pregnant for just over 2 and a half years. We had begun ivf 6 months prior, one failed cycle of fertilization, the second successful but with a failed transfer. After the failed transfer I was a mess. Physically and emotionally. My body started reacting to my thoughts and feelings and I was literally allergic to everything. I couldn’t keep up the hope or the little bit of positivity I had. It started to affect mark and I and I didn’t want to have to experience this anymore. Without wanting to kill myself I just didn’t want to be in my head. I didn’t want to do anything. Mark asked me to look for a psychologist but I couldn’t find anyone I resonated with. I didn’t want to just talk about how sad I was and how shitty my situation was. I had been to the counselor associated with the fertility clinic a few times and left feeling worse that before.

I had followed you for a few months on Instagram, a friend had shared your inner work course. It took me a while to commit because to be honest I was skeptical that the inner work would help me get pregnant.

When I was offered to “squeeze in” a transfer the following month I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I resolved to take the summer off for me. I was determined that this would be my last summer without a baby and I was going to do things for me. I started being brazen and doing things that used to be “me” but now felt out of my comfort zone after years of putting them off and feeling so low.

I got in touch with you, cried my heart out for two whole sessions and felt so held and seen and supported. You have something special with people. I didn’t once feel like I was your job or your work. (I once tried hypnotherapy but she kept telling me how she went through the same infertility and failed ivf and eventually her and her husband broke up and she never had a baby- that was terrifying for me and I kept thinking how I didn’t want that to be my story!). The inner work enabled me to be me, encouraged me to listen to myself, trust myself and find happiness and contentment and drive and motivation. I guess it’s easier said on the other side now that I have my baby growing inside of me. But I truly felt different during this summer, doing things that fill me up and having the mindset to both fuel and drive me was the partner to the physical actions I was taking!

Livia, Durban

I feel the work we did really freed me from the limitations I was putting on myself. It allowed me to navigate through my uncertainty and expectations which were affecting me negativity and holding me back, to a lighter space where I was more connected to the surrendering of life’s timing and plan. Working though some anxieties and previous traumas helped me look to the future with a more positive mindset. 

One of my emotional blocks was the early baby stages and how it affected me with my first child and how I was expecting this next baby to bring with the exact same challenges and anxieties. I kept feeling like I could just bury the feelings and skip past this incredible tough stage, only to discover that changing my mindset to trust that each child is so different and that I can also trust and pray and believe in a new way of being this time around with more support is the way. 

Thank you Kelly for guiding me🫶🏻

Mags, Cape Town


Mags, Cape Town

Our fertility journey seemed never ending and beyond overwhelming. The depths of those emotions were all consuming. I tried everything I could think of, saw every specialist, a dietician, changed my exercise routine, stopped drinking alcohol, saw a therapist for years and yet - two miscarriages. It was so easy to fall pregnant the first time, but the second and third took so long. I was healthy and pouring everything into it and nothing worked.

As someone who believes themselves to be emotionally intelligent and very open to growth, I was shocked from the first call with Kelly as I realised just how much I wasn’t aware of. She could immediately point out key points in my personality that could potentially be causing road blocks. It was a big eye opener for me. I found it almost comical that I had never “seen” it before or that no therapist had ever pointed it out.

Over the span of the course I learnt so much about myself. Having a safe space to talk about my journey in brutal honesty with women who actually understood what I was going through, completely changed my emotional state. I could cope for the first time in years.

By finally understanding my fears around motherhood, old trauma that desperately needed healing, major emotional blocks to be shifted and connecting with my children spiritually - with hard work, I could completely shift my experience of fertility. I became calmer, more patient, more intuitive and for the first time in years took an actual break from trying to conceive. Deep healing could finally take place not just for me, but for my husband and for us as a couple.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t still in turmoil, but I could breathe again. I could focus on other things again. I started truly believing that my baby was coming and looked out for signs. I helped my husband shift some of his blocks and we managed to conceive our first ever healthy baby, naturally.

There is no one in this world I would more wholeheartedly recommend to work with if you are struggling with a fertility journey, than Kelly. She has changed my life and my perspective. She has supported me every step of the way and I would not be here today with my strong healthy little love growing inside me if it weren’t for her help and guidance. 

Caitlin, Johannesburg

Kelly has been an absolute light in our fertility journey. Working with her has given us the space to open ourselves to our loving light child. Having her in our corner in her gentle, caring way has been incredibly comforting.

Tarryn, Dubai

Healing - you are a healer! But more specifically: Understanding, healing and empowering woman through your very special intuitiveness, care and the inherent empathy that you have been gifted with!

Monique, JHB

The support, help and care I got from Kelly is something I will forever be grateful for. She helped me through some difficult times and I came out the other side so much better and stronger. She made me realise just how important emotional health and care is and if we neglect it we end up with a lot of physical imbalances and ultimately dis-ease. I feel like I gained an amazing friend in Kelly and hope that one day we can meet up in person so that I can truly and honestly thank her for all her help and guidance.

Janine, Durban

On my journey of being diagnosed with PCOS, I realized that I needed to build a tribe of women who could help me break down the walls that are blocking my path to fertility. In the past, I have seen psychologists, for various other matters, and therefore believe in the value that these professionals can add to your life, however Kelly is much more than that. She is warm and light, and she radiates a sense of care that I have rarely experienced, which is why I consider her as far more than just a coach, but as a trusted member of the tribe of women guiding me on my journey.

Lauren, Durban

I met with Kelly a few years ago to help me on my weight-loss journey. From there, Kelly has become one of the most influential people in my life. My first impression of Kelly was her incredible kindness and patience. From there, her amazing ability to identify the root causes of problems and guide you through the journey to health and healing never fails to amaze me. Kelly has been an amazing pillar of strength for me, and I value her guidance and advice more than anything. I made a breakthrough last year and cannot thank Kelly enough for putting me on the path to manage my life and health better, allowing me to be a better person to those around me. I often talk about “My Life Coach, Kelly” to my friends when explaining to them how I have managed to overcome obstacles in my life – whether it is something related to my weight or an emotional brick wall that I have hit and cannot get through on my own. Kelly is extremely well informed in her area of expertise, and I would not hesitate to recommend her coaching to anyone.

Clare, South Africa

I was so super impressed by your eating plan!! I really try to be healthy as much as I can and generally eat a lot of the stuff that you had on there, but sometimes I don’t think I eat enough in the mornings and so then crave food later on. I was also training for the 94.7, so eating well helped! And although your guide took a bit of planning to buy everything at the beginning of the week etc, it was actually really easy and I thought quite affordable. And so great having the recipes to follow! Which were easy and simple enough. So thank you!


I cannot begin to put into words how you have changed my daughters, mine and my husband's worlds. I am so positive about a happy future for my daughter, which not that long ago seemed very bleak. Thank you Kelly, for giving me back my daughter. I look forward to the journey continuing with you

Donna, London

I have just finished the second week of the Lean eBook. I have enjoyed the journey – thank you. For me the biggest change is that my body no longer craves junk food. I often felt like eating a rusk or opening a small packet of crisps but my body no longer wants this. I now think about these things and then get a clear message from my body that it wants more wholesome food – a GREAT revelation. Thank you for an outstanding eBook – it will serve me well. It is also wonderful to have so many delicious recipes which are healthy at the same time.

Cyla, Sydney

I really enjoyed the Lean In ebook, especially the dinners! They were so totally divine! It showed me that cooking from scratch is not difficult at all and I have begun to enjoy preparing meals on my own rather than with the help of packet sauces and ready meals etc. I have definitely become more aware of what I'm eating and now look for recipes that only use unprocessed foods.

Kay, Cape Town

I feel so much more in control of my life! I control what I eat now instead of it controlling me. Which sounds weird. But its so empowering. As you know I dont fluctuate much in weight so its tough to see physical changes but mentally I feel so much better!

Olga, South Africa

You have helped me see the good in myself and to know that I am beautiful and loved, no food or amount of exercise will ever change this. Thank you for being a companion and sounding board, thank you for being a huge support and for all your gentle love and kindness. You have given me the wings to fly and I know that the best is yet to come.

Nicky, Durban

How does one fit how you changed their life in one line? But if I had to give my “example” of what I think you have to offer it would definitely be discovering self-worth and loving your body that doesn’t include fad diets as well as the “counselling and life coaching to deal with the traumas causing body issues”. I mean put it this way, if someone needs a life coach - KELLY A dietician who’s not gonna throw you on a scale and make you hate yourself more - KELLY. Someone whose not only gong to help you correct your body but also help you deceived self-love of said body - KELLY. Someone just to listen and guide you in an unclinical way - KELLY. The impact you make on people is far greater than I think you even know. Often I still think "gosh wish Kel was down the road", or when things happen I want to tell you. We are 4 years down the line and of all the doctors and people I have seen, you changed my life in so many ways. You became a friend when I needed one the most. So overall - the physical, emotional and hormonal health, love and wellbeing of all women.


When I first walked down the corridor to Kelly’s office I was feeling very lost and like there was no way of me ever feeling better. I thought that I would see her and she would advise me of foods to eat, things I had been doing wrong in my diet and how to fix them. I thought it would be immediate. I never imagined that it would be a process where I sucked the venom and poison out of my wounds that I had been suffering with before I even got to the “eating” side of things

Nadia, Cape Town

You are extremely intuitive and highly educated allowing you to look at the "overall" picture and offer the best advice to your client, whether it is for weight loss, life coaching or personal matters. You have helped me to understand my "make up" and how I can be the best of me for me.

Leave no stone unturned & let's get to your baby!