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8 Lessons I learnt this year (2016) #battlinginfertility

infertility life real Mar 14, 2023

I would be lying if I said that 2016 had been a breeze. It was far from that. I would also be lying if I said that 2016 had been boring. It was far from that too. It has been one massive year. A year that has pushed me beyond my limits, more than once.


So in gratitude, I say thank you for teaching me:


  1. Not everyone gets what they want, when they want it. It may look like this from the outside – but the universe has an incredible power. That power is called timing. It knows when the right time is. Trust this.


  1. Cyber bullying is real. Having been a victim this year, I learnt that it takes a very strong person to bounce back from being bullied. I now take it much more seriously.


  1. Children are blessings sent from a higher power. They are not as easy to come by as one would think. When you do get given your child, remember how lucky you are.


  1. Weekday lunches are a mission if you work. Unless you have left overs from the night before, or you have lots of time in the morning, finding a healthy alternative is difficult. This struggle is real. And I am a dietician. And I do wake up at 5am.


  1. There is huge power in silence.


  1. Paying professional people to do work for you is worth it. I learnt this during the rebranding of KLD and in the renovating of our house. Don’t try and do things like web design or spraying your kitchen cupboards on your own. Trust me.


  1. Renovating a home is not easy, but it teaches you gratitude. When you know the value of things you have used every day of your life, like a toilet, you feel more grateful to have one. Gratitude holds a strangely strong power. Try it.


  1. Having a coffee with an honest girl friend makes things better. Never say no to a coffee date. Magic happens during these conversations


  1. Be real. Women are drawn to other women who are real. Speak your truth. Take a break. Pat yourself on the back. And speak to yourself as if you were your best friend – because you should be just that!

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