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Dear Kelly. (A letter from one of my clients)

learnings Feb 22, 2023

Dear Kelly


So many mixed emotions with today’s visit.


A part of me feels so sad to know that your time to assist me is over, but at the same time, I feel this sense of accomplishment and achievement.


When I walked into your rooms, I was not really looking for answers, in fact, I did not realise just how lost I was, or how much direction I needed in life. Through our times together, I have watched myself grow in confidence and self-belief. As I reflect back on the person I was when I met you, I think of the confidence you have instilled in me, with your teaching and your beliefs in life. 


Your profession and the “diet industry” is the easiest way to make money, as I am sure that women coming knocking on your door, looking for that magic cure, to hear what they want to hear.  As an “ordinary” dietician it could be very easy to tell women what they would like to hear,  and be rich on quick fixes that don’t last long term.  But what I appreciate about you is that you look at going to the source of the issue, you uncover layers that lay buried beneath an issue of poor eating and tackle the root of the problem.  I love that you are able to see deeper within and actually help people in the real aspects that they need help. I did not realise I needed help, and have always pushed my “weaknesses” aside thinking that they are just a part of me, and accepted my “flaws” in my self thinking.  You taught me how to dig deep and acknowledge my “weaknesses” and with your help, I have turned those weaknesses into my greatest assets.  Sometimes it is nice to go through rough times in life, because it is only then that you learn how to appreciate picking yourself up, learn how to see all the “bad” as part of the journey to bring me to the place I am today.


I owe so much to you for your belief and guidance in me. 


I think the thing I appreciate the most about you is that you are an “ordinary” person. You don’t profess to be a “perfect ten” with your eating, with your personality, with your relationships, with your life in general.  Speaking personally, if I had to always strive to be “perfect like my dietician says I should be” I think I would never have succeeded in coming this far.  You’re showing me that even though you know all the “rules” that you teach me, you’re still human like all of us, and also go through the challenges that we face.  Simply put, I feel like I can relate to you, just because you are real.  And I thank you for that.


As I venture onto the next chapter of life, I feel like I am equipped with this sense of confidence, that I can take on what life throws at me, and know how I should react. I don’t believe that life will be a bed of roses, but I think I have the secret on choosing how I react to it.  Again, I thank you for that.


I have spent so much of my time trying to please people to gain self-worth, and today, it is such an exhilarating feeling to realise that my self-worth is not based on how the world sees me.  I am truly at a place where I feel like I have accepted that I do not have to be on a certain par with anyone else in life.  I’m running my own race in life, just me against me, and it is such a cleansing place to be.  I find it so funny how life led me to you when I wasn’t looking for answers, but you came with all the answers on how to fix all my broken pieces, even without me asking you.  For that I thank you… I know that with every consultation was a cost, money that you need to earn a living.  But you are more than just a “doctor” providing a service. Your teachings have literally been life changing.  I could never, (and I actually don’t think I ever want to) go back to the person I was before I walked into your rooms.   


So with all my heart, thank you thank you thank you!

I truly am blessed to know someone like you. It genuinely is sad to know I won’t have a need to have my visits to you, and just chat (another thing that I appreciate about you and stepping into your rooms, is that feeling as if I am just having a chilled chat with one of my best friends in her lounge). I can assure you sincerely though, that I will try to always practice your teachings, not just about food, but about life, and about me as a person. I am looking forward to continuously learning about myself and growing to become a better person for myself and for the benefit of the ones I love.

Thank you so much Kelly

Love one of your warroirs


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