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Secondary Infertility - And a look at your childhood?

getpregnant pregnancy secondary infertility secondchild ttc Mar 12, 2024

Secondary infertility is becoming more and more common in terms of the work that I'm doing, and it's a really frustrating diagnosis to be given as a mother who has already birthed a baby, to be told that they don't know why they're struggling to conceive their second child.

One of the first things that I do is to go into the family line as often there can be a block related to more than one child in their nervous system because of the way they experienced their childhood. So often they could be the oldest child and the second child either came in with special needs or was a problem child or just gave the parents a really hard time.

Their nervous system then looks at having more than one child and says, Nope, that's too hard. Avoid, or they are the second child. And the first child has been a problem child - same neural block!

So looking at your family line can be a really helpful too to shift secondary infertility!

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