The Inner Work Fertility Course

A course designed to help high-achieving, frustrated women who are struggling with unexplained infertility address potential mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that might be hindering their chances of conceiving.

By exploring and understanding their infertility at a deeper level, women can increase their chances of a successful pregnancy, and ultimately achieve their dream of bringing a healthy baby into the world.

The Course:

A self-study digital course designed for women battling infertility, at the point where they are wondering whether something internal is preventing them from falling pregnant.

So many women battle to conceive for years. Many are given the diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' or they are cycling through IVF rounds and not getting answers as to why they are not falling pregnant. This course was designed to look at the other aspects of fertility, those that the fertility-world does not discuss.

Perhaps an emotional block, a limiting belief system, a past or present day trauma, maternal line or birth trauma, or a disconnect between them and their baby.

This is a course designed to give women the tools to do this inner work.

The course also provides a platform for women to connect to a community of women, at the same point in their journeys, doing the same inner work, to get to their babies. This community is online, we meet once a month, and all come together as we navigate our inner worlds and share, grow and connect to others doing the same. 

Everyone who does the course is gifted one 1-on-1 coaching session with Kelly once they have completed the course, to fine tune where their inner work journey needs to be targeted.



Where Will This Course Take You?

Meditation: Reconnecting To Your Womb


The Role of Emotions & Infertility

Meditation: Tools To Respond & Rewire


The Role Of The Subconscious Mind & Infertility

Meditation: Subconscious Connect & Pain-Filter Release


Connecting To Your Unborn Baby & The Role Of The Maternal Line

Meditation: Calling In Your Spirit Baby


A Recap And Paving The Way Forward To YOUR Baby

Meditation: A Bubble Of Protection


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The Online Community

  • A group of women doing the same inner work
  • Connecting, sharing and supporting each other
  • Via live Zoom Calls, Private FB group and more...
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A 1-on-1 with Kelly 

  • After course completion Kelly will do a 1-on-1 call with you to help you consolidate and find your unique path forward.
  • The path to YOUR baby
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What women are saying...

  • "Admitting I had held the role of 'parent' to my whole family, my whole life and needed to consciously let this go to make space for a baby
  • I realised that I thought of my uterus as a tightly chained, suffocated organ carrying the weight of parenting.

-Tarryn, Dubai UAE

  • "Figuring out that one of my emotional blocks was the newborn baby stage and how it affected me with my first child - and how I was expecting my next child to come with the same levels of anxiety.
  • I worked on tools to understand and rewire this fear associated with the newborn stage, ultimately preventing conception.

-Liv, Durban South Africa

  • I realised that every now and then during a month of trying to conceive I would find myself relieved for a moment to not be pregnant - never more than a moment but it was there.
  • When I knew this, Kelly equipped me with the tools to release this fear
  • 3 months after completing the Inner Work Fertility course, I was pregnant.  

-Maria, Cape Town

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