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Why I drink a smoothie every morning.

breakfast health smoothie wellbeing Mar 14, 2023

Having had a BIG health scare last year and realising that I actually wasn't as healthy as I thought I was, I kind of started learning about nutrition all over again.

Now I would love to have toast with marmite and cheese on for breakfast everyday - I really would. BUT I now know better, and when you understand food and your body, the drive to do what's best for your body is generally stronger than the drive to eat toast. Oh and the fear of my headaches coming backs helps motivation levels too!

I wanted to share my morning smoothie with you all, because a lot of the knowledge I gained, I have adapted to fit into this glass right here. My goal this year is to hack into my cells even more, join me as I look deeper into the healing potential of food and how to prevent hormonal imbalances and diseases like cancer.


Green Vibrance:

Possibly my favourite supplement on the shelves (in the world, and I am certainly not sponsored). This magic power contains so many adaptogens, micronutrients, prebiotics and plant extracts that studies have shown to support the body in some way. I have just pulled out a few of the special ingredients here, but there are many more goodies in this supplement:

- grape seed extract, turmeric, pomegranate - all strong antioxidants

- dandelion root - a liver supporter

- spirulina - anti-inflammatory supplement with a zillion other benefits

- parsley - shown to contains anti-angiogenesis qualities that help fight cancer cells

Adaptogens are a word used for plant extracts that help the body resist stressors, Green Vibrance contains adaptogens like:

- Turmeric, licorice root (very good for the gut and for cortisol balance) and ashwagandha, which balances our stress hormones.


They are a good source of vitamin B6 as well as Magnesium and Potassium - essential for heart health. They also contain two types of fibre - pectin which as been shown to prevent cancer cell growth and resistant starch, which is a prebiotic used to feed the bacteria in our guts.

Chia Seeds:

A strong source of omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory. They are also excellent fibre sources - and can sort out most constipated guts. They are a strong phytochemical which help the body defend against pathogens. They also contains tons of iron, calcium and B vitamins. Powerful little balls of goodness!

Moringa powder:

This powder has such a strong smell but it is a super strong anti-oxidant as well as a protein, B6, B2 and iron source. It's been shown to help balance blood sugar levels so good for PCOS or diabetes cases.

Hemp powder:

A good protein source containing essential amino acids - which the body needs to get from food.

Ginger root (fresh ginger):

Ginger contains a substance called gingerol which is a strong anti-inflammatory substance as well as an antioxidant. Inflammation is one of the main causes of disease - so anything anti-inflammatory is disease preventing in some way!


I squeeze a quarter of a lemon into the smoothie. Lemons are a super source of vitamin C - good for the heart and kidneys. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, so excellent for anaemics, vegetarians, vegans!

Coconut oil:

It is a saturated fat, but it is also a MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride), these fats go straight to the liver as quick energy and are converted to ketones which our brains need to functions optimally. Coconut oil has also been shown to kill pathogens invading our cells - lots of studies. Oh and one last thing, MCT's can regulate appetite so really good for satiety and for peeps who always feel hungry (athletes or emotional eaters).


Each berry you eat does something unique. Try and look for berries like blackberries, elderberries or acai berries, along with the blueberries and raspberries you throw in. All give you the antioxidant potential but elderberries for example are brilliant for treating colds and flu, acai berries have been shown to lower cancer risk and blueberries can reduce DNA damage which is a leading driver of aging and cancer.

All of those make for one boost of a morning ritual. Keep posted this year as KLD takes a deeper look at why we eat what we eat. I suppose I have always know we should eat certain foods, but the WHY is the part that makes you do it over and over again.



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